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Repairable & Salvage Cars for Sale. No Dealer License is Required to Bid - Open to Public Buyers.

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  • Live Internet Auction

    12h : 24m : 12s

    Public Car Auction in Clewiston, FL 33440

    Auction Lanes A, B, C, 196 Cars for sale

  • Live Internet Auction

    12h : 24m : 12s

    Public Car Auction in Jacksonville, FL 32218

    Auction Lanes A, B, C, 381 Cars for sale

  • Live Internet Auction

    12h : 24m : 12s

    Public Car Auction in Palmetto, FL 34221

    Auction Lanes A, B, 294 Cars for sale

Buying from Car Auction FAQs

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  • Is SCA Auction open to the public or do I need a dealer’s license to join?

    You do not need a dealer's license to bid on cars at SCA auctions, our auctions are open to the general public. Get access to over 300,000 in-demand clean and salvage title cars for sale at dealer rates. You get to buy cars at wholesale prices that auto dealers buy their inventory for. Register for free, skip the middleman and place bids on cars today

  • What types of cars does SCA auction off?

    Whether you're seeking your next project car or daily driver, or if you're a business owner looking for clean, salvage and repairable cars, trucks, or industrial equipment for commercial use, SCA daily online auctions have what you're looking for. Our inventory comes from rental and finance companies, insurance, bank repossessed, and government surplus vehicles. Giving you access to a wide variety of vehicles ranging from everyday, muscle, electric, exotic, classic and salvage cars for sale. Find the best deals on cars & bid today!

  • Can I see cars in person before an SCA live auction starts?

    As a preferred IAA broker, we want to deliver you the best all-in-one brokerage services possible. Virtual car auctions are exciting and we want you to feel confident in your online purchase. Whether the car is lightly damaged or more, SCA Premier & Expert members can inspect vehicles in-person before purchasing, at an IAA auction location the day before a sale, from 10am to 2pm local time. Please contact the location branch beforehand to verify the preview schedule. Learn more on how to preview a vehicle.

  • How do I bid at SCA online auctions?

    Bidding at SCA weekly internet real time auctions is simple. To get instant dealer-level access to dealer-only auctions in the USA, you need to create a free SCA account, choose your membership type, place a 100% refundable security deposit, find the car you're interested in, and place your bid. It's as easy as that - wholesale car auctions simplified!

  • How often does SCA run live auto auctions?

    SCA runs over 150 live internet auctions every week, daily Monday through Friday. View our Auction Sales Calendar or Today's Auctions to preview our auction run list and join real-time auctions open to public buyers. Create a free SCA account and start bidding on cars!

  • Can I bid in real-time internet auctions at SCA?

    You can bid live in real-time at SCA public online auctions, place preliminary bids, and even instantly buy our "Buy It Now" cars for sale. SCA auctions are held exclusively 100% online, so you can bid wherever, whenever. Enjoy a seamless buying process from the moment you find your car to making your first bid to ordering short-haul, long-haul or international delivery. Get unlimited access to our extensive online car auctions and get the best deals on salvage cars only at SCA!

Ways to Bid & Buy at SCA® Auction

At Salvage Car Auctions, we offer our members the best auction experience with three convenient ways to bid & buy salvage, clean and repairable cars for sale.

  • Buy It Now

    Bypass pre-bidding and live digital auctions on certain vehicles by instantaneously purchasing cars online with our "Buy It Now" option. Although you may still bid on vehicles with the "Buy It Now" option if you'd like, you can also purchase them immediately at a pre-set price. View all "Buy It Now" cars for sale available right now.

  • Pre-Bid

    Preliminary bidding, also known as a pre-bid, is a convenient type of bidding option which allows you to place an incremental value bid up to 1 hour before the live auto auction starts. Your pre-bid will be presented during the live auction and could be the winning bid if no other bidder submits a higher bid either during the live auction or during the pre-bidding phase.

  • Aukcja na żywo

    Live bidding is a type of internet bidding that allows you to place virtual bids on cars in real time. Enjoy the excitement of fast-paced online live auto auctions from anywhere, anytime. Participating in live car sales is easy; you compete against other bidders by placing incremental bids to become the high bidder and win the sale of the vehicle. Find cars & bids live today!

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