Sell my car online

It is now easier than ever to sell your car online for the best price. Simply enter your license plate number or VIN to get your competitive instant offer from over 5,000 dealers. You can accept the offer the same day and will receive your check as soon as you bring in the vehicle or it is picked up by home collection. It is free and fast to sell any vehicle and get paid instantly, so get started today!

How selling your car works

In just three simple steps, that are free of charge, you can sell your car.

Complete your profile
Start your profile with car information and photographs in minutes. You will receive a free, instant valuation based on live market data. This quick and accurate valuation helps you understand your car's market value effortlessly.
Get offers
When your car is ready for sale, over 5,000 verified dealers will compete to give you their best offer. This competitive approach ensures you get the most value for your car.
Approve the best offer
You can approve your highest offer the same day and complete your sale in as little as 24 hours. Once approved, the transaction process is quick and streamlined.

Unlock the best price for your vehicle

The first thing many people want to know before selling a vehicle is how much is it worth. That’s why giving you a free, instant valuation is the first step of the process when you choose to sell with us. Just enter your VIN or license plate number into the Smart Car Value Tracker tool and let us do all the work to unlock the best price for your vehicle. Our smart valuation tech uses live market data to ensure that you get an accurate online car valuation instantly. If you choose to sell, our website has a daily online sale for competitive bidding, where over 50 percent of cars sell above the evaluated price. Following the online sale, we’ll share the best instant offer for your vehicle with you on the same day.

Choose the fast, easy, and fully online sale process

Our quick and convenient selling process takes place fully online. You will receive an instant valuation of your vehicle, free of charge, by entering a license plate or VIN number. If you move forward with the sale, we simplify the process of creating your profile, allowing you or a family member to do it from your phone in just minutes. We even guide you through the photo process with our smart photo app, so your profile presents your vehicle at its best and showcases what dealers want to see. We make it our priority for you to receive the best price for the vehicle you sell with 5,000+ verified dealers in our nationwide network competing to buy your car. We immediately share with you the highest offer your vehicle received after the daily sale without ever having to worry about giving them a quick inspection or permitting test drives. If you choose to accept your highest offer, then the sale will easily be completed with home collection, where we arrange for your car to be collected for free. You can complete your sale in as little as 24 hours with fast payment in a variety of payment options.

Every step of your sale is 100% free

We offer customers a way to complete their entire vehicle sale transaction for 100% free. From the free online valuation to the free sale process that includes putting your car in front of 5,000+ verified dealers, to the time you receive your payment, you will never pay transfer fees or any hidden fees. Even our home collection, where we arrange for your car to be collected following the sale, is free. The dealer-paid commission ensures this free service to all sellers. We take away all of the hassle of a private sale, making this the fastest and easiest option for sellers, at no cost to them. Not only is the service free, but you will always be offered a fair price no matter your vehicle’s condition, service history, make, or mode. You can sell any car online, whether you own it outright, or with outstanding finance. Our buyers settle it with your finance company and pay you the surplus so that you always receive the best value for your vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I sell my car for the most money?

    You can make the most money by selling with since we offer a daily online sale with a network of over 5,000 verified dealers who compete to offer you the best price. You are sure to make a profit since it is much more competitive than a typical part-exchange deal you make with a dealer and every part of the selling process is free. In the past, part-exchanging a car at the local dealer has been seen as an easy solution, but with SCA it has never been easier to get the best price for your vehicle with a hassle-free process at no cost to you. Over 50 percent of cars sold get more than the asking price without having to deal with a private buyer and all the paperwork that comes with it. You also receive free, instant valuation based on real-time car market data, and if you decide to sell, you’ll get an instant offer, free home collection, and fast payment. There is not an easier, quicker way to sell your car for the most money.

  • How to sell my car with SCA?

    Not only is it safe and fast to sell your car with SCA, but it is easy. Selling your car online without the need to drive anywhere is what our selling process is about. The process starts with SCA’s smart technology that will value your car when you enter its VIN or license plate number. Using the smart photo app, we’ll guide you through the process of setting up a free listing with photos of your vehicle and the vehicle’s details. This process takes minutes and can be done from your phone. You can also get a free vehicle history report using your VIN or license plate number to find out more vehicle details to use on its profile. Then, we will find your best cash offer from our network of verified dealers and send you the best offer online on the same day. If you accept the offer from one of our potential buyers, we offer a free home collection and a speedy payment of cash, cashier’s check, or money order.

  • Can I sell my leased vehicle at SCA?

    Yes, SCA can assist you in selling your leased vehicle, even if you don't own the car, provided you follow the legal steps required for selling a financed vehicle and possess the necessary documents. These steps include notifying your lender to arrange for the settlement of the remaining balance and ensuring your contract allows for the sale at this time. Keep in mind that vehicles typically depreciate quickly, leading to negative equity if sold too soon. However, depreciation slows down over time. We recommend using our smart valuation tool to monitor your car’s value and determine the best time to sell. If timed right, you could end up with positive equity and pay no additional fees, including transfer fees.

  • Is SCA a good place to sell my car?

    SCA is the best place to sell your car because it is unique in how quick, easy, and competitive it is in getting you the best price. It is completely online so you can conveniently sell your car without ever having to leave the house. As an added token, you can see how much your car is worth before even deciding to sell it. Once you decide to sell, you will be sent the best cash offer from a participating dealership and can allow them to complete the purchase in as little as 24 hours. You will be paid within 24 hours of the free home collection service and will never be charged any hidden fees, which makes SCA the best place to sell your car.

  • Will the dealership buy any car regardless of miles and condition?

    Yes. You can sell any vehicle regardless of the number of miles and its condition and still receive top dollar from a dealership in most cases. Vehicles with fewer miles and in better condition will make a better profit, but most vehicles get more money when you sell online through SCA than a part exchange, trade, or with a private party. It should be noted that a car’s age, mileage, condition, and service history are the most impactful when it comes to the car’s depreciation. Keeping records of all your service history will help you get the most fair and accurate price once you are ready to put your car up for sale.

  • Do I pay taxes when I sell my car?

    You will only have to pay taxes in most states when you sell your car if you make a profit from it. Any profitable transaction, such as selling a car for profit, is seen as taxable state income. We make sure that you complete your sale with no charges or hidden fees, so it is 100 percent free to sell your car through SCA. When using SCA, the buyer pays any fees owed so that the service is always free to the seller. Although the seller will have to pay state taxes.

  • Can I sell my car at SCA if I still have a loan on it?

    Yes, you can sell your car at SCA even if you have an outstanding loan under a Hire Purchase (HP) or Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) agreement. Many people opt to sell their vehicles even when they're still under loan to unlock their equity and, often, to make a profit. However, you should first review your contract to check for any minimum repayment requirements before you can sell the car. If such terms exist, contact your lender for a settlement figure.

  • Will SCA buy my leased vehicle?

    Yes, SCA will buy a leased vehicle that you don’t have ownership of as long as you go through the legal steps to sell a financed car and have the documents related to it. Those steps include notifying the lender to arrange the settlement of the balance and ensuring that you are in a place in your contract where you can sell. Keep in mind that cars lose a lot of value quickly so expect to get negative equity if you sell too early, but after financing for a while, the depreciation slows down. We recommend that you track your car’s ongoing value using our smart valuation tool to see if it is the right time to sell and transfer ownership. It is possible to receive positive equity if the timing is right and you will not have to pay any fees including transfer fees.

  • How can I sell my car quickly?

    SCA will help you to find the quickest and easiest way to sell your vehicle. You just need your vehicle's VIN or license plate number to retrieve its real-time valuation. If you decide to sell, you can upload multiple photos of your vehicle and a detailed description from your phone in just minutes. You will then receive your best offer from over 5,000 dealers within the same day, and you could have your car sold within 24 hours. With free home collection and fast payment options, you'll quickly receive an instant cash offer from the buyer without ever having to leave your house.

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